On the eve of my first THRIVE workshop, I finished the last of my handouts and fell into bed around 11:30pm. I was just dozing off when Sylvie started to cry. None of the usual tricks were working to get her back to sleep.

By 1am, after being in and out of her room several times, I finally got back into bed and closed my eyes again.

Enter Sammy. The crying had woken him up and he was spooked by some shadows in the hallway. He squirmed into bed between us, throwing a blankie over my face and a leg over Matthew.

And there I was staring at the ceiling, wide awake –– Really Universe? Tonight of ALL NIGHTS?

Life as a working mom is messy. Kids are messy, creation is messy, relationships are messy, life is messy. Did I mention that it’s freakin’ messy?

No workshop or course can change that.

But we can find clarity in the chaos and gratitude in this present messy moment that will never be again. We can find the courage to step up and show up in bigger, more authentic ways. We can take charge and commit to engineering our own happiness and success, in, around and through the mess.

We can and we must. For our children. For ourselves.

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