No time to meditate?

I’ve grown to love meditating.

Most of my waking hours are FULL with constant demands from my kids, my business and the rest of life (not to mention the information overload we are all subjected to). Sinking into the quiet and stillness of meditation feels like slipping into a cozy corner booth for tea with an old friend.

But let’s face it, there are times when setting aside even 10 minutes to meditate feels impossible. It feels stressful. Which, of course, is not what you want out of a meditation practice.

Now is one of those times for me. As I gear up for the launch of my Thriving by Design program, meditation is one of the many things I am letting go of for the moment.

Yet the need to feel grounded, mindful and present is still a big priority for me.

So what am I doing instead? I breathe.

Duh, we’re all breathing, right? Well, yes. But we often forget to take deep, slow, life-giving breaths in any kind of conscious way. It feels AMAZING and yet it’s also very easy to forget.

So I build conscious breath into my “waiting” moments. When I’m nursing my daughter and the to-do list starts racing through my mind, I breathe. When I am waiting for my overloading iMac to catch up with my thoughts, I breathe. At a stoplight. Waiting as my son fumbles to button his own shirt. Any time I feel myself anxious, impatient, and wanting to rush through the present moment. I just breathe.

Where you can build more breath into your day?