I’ve been quiet here for a while.


I’ve been quiet here for a while.

For one, I simply haven’t felt like blogging.

But the truth is, I’ve gotten more quiet in a lot of life lately. Less talking, more listening. Less pushing, more releasing.

I’m meditating more. Opening to expansiveness, wisdom, knowing, beyond the chatter in my head.

And doing less of the things I don’t feel like doing.

Instead, I’m focused on following my pleasure and inspiration as often as possible. Following the flow, the ease, the joy, the spark. I’ve been enjoying summertime with my sweet little family – swimming, camping, keeping the kids up late and falling asleep in their beds.

Breathing. Smiling. Appreciating. Dreaming.

And I’ve also started a new relationship. A business relationship, that is 

As some of you know, earlier this year, Myka McLaughlin founder of WINC ~ Women In Community, approached me about partnering with her. I did WINC’s 90-Day Business Training Program in 2014 and have been a huge, HUGE fan of Myka and WINC ever since.

We’ve spent the last several months tackling some major marketing projects and I’ve also started coaching women in WINC’s Program. The work, the partnership and the vision for the future are all extremely juicy to me. I am in my element, feeling lit up and aligned, purposeful and appreciated.

As with any new relationship, much time and energy is being invested in co-creating something new, something bigger than either of us.

So in part, I haven’t been active here because that creative, collaborative energy has been flowing into another space.

(And life divided between two businesses, two children, a husband, friends, errands etc etc leaves little room for anything else!)

But also I believe it’s because, as you build a life (or business) with someone, there are previous iterations of yourself that must be shed. Coming into partnership requires trust, vulnerability and a certain degree of shifting in your identity as you tenderly tie your fate to the fate of another.

And I am still figuring out how to integrate my pre-existing solopreneur self and this new identity as a collaborator and team member within WINC. I know that I don’t want to be one version of me over here and one version of me over there. I just want to be me.

Real, authentic, exposed, inspired. And above all, connected.